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Video Transcript

Any golfer that's looking for consistent shots must have a consistent swing, but they also must have consistent impact on the golf club. So this is the Bullseye Impact Game. So what I've done here is I've got some strike tape, now you can find that in most pro shops or you can just get a normal sticker and what I've actually done is draw around a coin. Now in the UK, I've used the 10 pence piece, so in the States that’s probably something like a quarter. Draw around the quarter with a pen and then just color that area in. And that's now my bull's eye.

So if I need to be consistently hitting the golf ball at the same distance, I need to be consistently striking it in that area. So as I setup to my golf ball now, it gives me this big red target right behind the back of the golf ball. And as I line up to the ball, I get my red target lined up behind the ball, I am going to try and bring that club down and strike it out at the middle. Now the closer to the middle, the more the ball will fly its full distance and the more consistently around the middle, the more consistently the ball will go its distance and I can then measure that distance. Often golfers say to me, I am not very consistent hitting it the right distance, it's because they are not striking it in the right place, it’s not that you are hitting one shot hard or one shot softer, it’s just you are not hitting it in the same spot each time.

So we are going to try and hit as many shots as we can right out of the middle of the club. And when you've hit one, you might actually get a bit of a feel, a bit of a feedback that says I think I hit that more in one place than another. I think I hit that quite close to the heel, it’s the first time I have had a swing in a while. Yeah and there it is. The strike is actually quite a long way into the heel. So bit of the ball snuck into a bit of the sweet spot, but nowhere near enough. I would definitely class that was quite a big fail.

So now I am going to try and have another go and see whether I can make the required adjustments. So one second, see where one strike is I can try and get another strike in a better location and I have moved that one down quite nicely, that's a lot more into the sweet spot. Let’s have one more go, still not quite filling the bull's eye, I don’t think that would class as a success hit either. So to be fair, these are three nice shots, but they are not quite right out the middle yet. So again still a little bit down into that heel side.

So I think if I am hitting the ball consistently off the sweet spot, I can now go ahead and do something about it. I can try and change my address position, change the consistency of how I stand to the golf ball and how I make my swing. If I am not quite hitting the center spot, I can do something about it. Those shots looked okay, but they were probably 5 to 10 yards down on the required distance, the distance I would expect this club to go. So use the impact tape, draw the circle around the quarter, color it in, use that as your bull's eye and try and consistently hit dead in that sweet spot.