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Video Transcript

If you play golf on a regular basis with the same buddy out in the golf course, you know, you are getting a bit bored of the standard match play or stable foot and that sort of thing. I am going to introduce you to a new game called Battle Golf. Now Battle Golf is taking the rules of match play but with a twist. So you play normal match play, you play down the first hole, the person that wins the hole is allowed to go to the other player's bag and take a club out; not necessarily for you to use but just so that he can’t use it. So after every hole, a club is going to get taken out someone's bag if the hole is won or lost. If it’s drawn you will leave the club where they are. So after each hole, you can nick a club out of the bag.

So I'm going to suggest that you should leave the putter in because a lot of golf courses would frown on you if you start chipping or pitching on their green. So let’s say the putt is out of bounce, but all the other golf clubs you can nick. So what we might suggest is you have won the first hole, most important club to this fellow is his driver. So I am going to take his driver out of his bag. If you win the second hole, well, probably the next most important club in his bag now is his 3-wood, so get rid of that as well. Then he has got less and less clubs to go out.

Now if the guy doesn’t use these driver very often on the tee, leave his driver, nick the club he plays with most off the tee, then start having a go at the wedges. Get rid of the sand wedge, get rid of the pitching wedge. Now you might just think well this is a horrible spiteful game of Battle Golf and it's just match play with a horrible twist. But the good thing about this in terms of improving as a golfer is it makes you get out of your comfort zone. If your opponent has just taken your favorite club, well you don’t have that to play with anymore, so you got to find another club to try and use. So you might have to club down away from the driver to a 3-wood or a hybrid club, you might have to chip with a club that you're not normally comfortable with. There might be a par-3 and you think I need a 7-iron and he has nicked your 7-iron and put it in his bag, so you got to do something different, you got to fashion an 8-iron or a 6-iron swing.

So it’s a fantastic game, it’s a great fun way of playing the game and it’s a good way of just taking you out of your comfort zone and making you practice with clubs that you not normally comfortable with. So match play with a twist, we call it Battle Golf. See who has the most clubs in their bag at the end of the game.