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Video Transcript

So this game here is the umbrella landing zone bunker game. What I'm doing here is pitching my golf ball out of the bunker trying to get it to land in or as close to the umbrella as possible. So I'm going to set myself for a nice little floppy kind of bunker shot trying to land it as close to the brolly as possible. Ah, just a little bit over the top of it. But what a great visual to have when you're hitting a bunker shot onto a green while you're trying to hit this big umbrella that's looking out there towards you trying to catch the ball. And what you could do here is take 10 balls at a time and see how many you can get into the umbrella. And the good thing about this is it really teaches you how to lift the ball nice and high up into the air and trying to land it nice and softly into the umbrella. And the better percentage that you get the higher the percentage you get into the umbrella, the better that's going to be when you go on play, but again great visuals when you go on the golf course and play the next time you've got a bunker shot even when there's no umbrella there you picture the umbrella in the location where you want the ball to land.

Great visuals in terms of flying the ball high up in the air, trying to land in that umbrella. Imagine where the, the shaft of the umbrella is there. That's the flag you're trying to land the ball right into the flag, get the ball spinning around the hole and anything really that hits the umbrella would be classed as pretty good bunker shot on a one putt opportunity because that umbrella is only a couple of feet wide either side of the flag. So out of your 10 bunker shots maybe you could get two or three in the umbrella and the others nice and close around the outside that would be great. If after 10 balls you haven't hit anything into the umbrella try and repeat that game again. Try and do the exercise again. See if you can get a bit more into the umbrella next time.