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Good question, this one; what is a nine wood? The first thing that a nine wood is, is rare you don’t see many of them hence why we've had to answer this question about them, if you look in most golfers bags you’re probably going to see driver, you might see three wood, you might see five wood -- some occasionally carry a seven wood but not many carry a nine wood. Now they might be missing a bit of a trick with this club because a nine wood like the one I’ve got here is very, very lofted it's not a very big head but it's got loads and loads of loft on it. In fact if you compare this to my three wood, you can just see the amount of angle on the club face now that’s the angle coming off the three wood there not very much at all swap them over that’s the angle there coming off the nine wood. That’s a huge difference now that’s really going to make a big difference to how and where you can hit the golf ball.

So if you’re struggling with shots maybe near to the green they aren’t going high enough and aren’t stopping quick enough, maybe a nine wood would be the right answer. Benefit of a nine wood -- like we said loads of loft but also the profile of a head means a lot of the weight is low and depth and underneath, so that club comes in underneath the ball loads of loft at the bottom pitches the ball high up into the air and therefore lands and stops. So let's say you are 100 yards away from the green 120 yards away from the green you know a long hitter that’s going to be like a six iron or even a seven iron but your six and seven iron go quite low land and roll of the back of this green, take your nine wood play the ball just slightly ahead of center have quite a descending blow and hit down and the ball just pops up in the air lovely, so a lovely high long flight only just comes down now and when it comes down it's not going to scamper on its not going to run to far.

It's a really nice shot to hit from the fairway because it's got so much loft you will actually find it quite useful from the semi rough as well and particularly on par three's shortish par three's put on a little tee peg this thing will go to the moon and back on its way up but when it comes down it will sit down really nice and lovely. So if you’re struggling a little bit with your mid to longish irons and you've only got a standard three wood and five wood in your bag consider a seven wood or even a nine wood, you might have to look quite hard to find one but I promise you when you find one you’ll think it’s the best club you've got on your game.