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Video Transcript

Now when you're around the golf course and you're trying to compile a good score, you'll appreciate how important it is to have really good fundamentals particularly in your short game, in your pitching getting the ball up and down to the green.

So here's a couple of tips that it should really help you from close range, get that ball near to the flag so then we need to hole some puts. When you chip the golf ball, try and start off with quite a narrow stance. You don’t need too much power here. So a narrow stance will give you a little bit more control. Maybe also gripping down on the golf club could be good, and play your normal grip. By gripping down on the golf club, lower down, shortens the club, and gains more control. We're going to play the ball nicely from the center of the feet. So it's a narrow stance ball that in the center.

Now this is a bit all feel very different to a normal swing because you're actually going to preset a lot of body weight onto the left hand side and let your hands come forward to the left hand side as well. So you get quite all the shaft lean effectively de-lofting the golf club. Now this is a good feeling here. Because this will now put you in a position where it's easier to strike down on the golf ball. And it's quite important when you're chipping and pitching that you do hit down and you allow the loft on the golf club to hit the ball up. One of the big fundamental flaws we see for a lot of golfers is the wants or the need to try and get behind the ball and help it up into the air. They know a good shot should go high so we often see golfers trying to help the ball up with quite a risky or flicky scoopy action. Try and resist that in your own chipping game, let the club do the work. So in a nice set of position, you lean into your left side, you have your hands well forward, your right hand sits level or even in front of your zip. I mean you'll have a nice little action where your hands don’t really change shape from the triangle and we make it settle. So I have my hands and my shoulders making a nice triangle. Turn back maintaining the triangle, and turning through maintaining the triangle. And there's none of this scooping feeling. Not too flicky, not too wristy. So if I just bump this ball forward, you'll see how I maintain the triangle, even in the follow through, my hands and arms are still within that triangle at where it's set up. My body weight has stayed on the left hand side. And my hands are well pressed to have it settled.

Now hopefully if you can incorporate that into your chipping game, you'll get the ball up and down a lot more consistently and you'll see your scores improve as well.