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Video Transcript

So the bump top ladder golf game is a game designed all about distance control for your bump-and-run shots. So I've just got myself a little wedge here, I'm just going to play a little bump-and-run shots. I'm going to try and land the ball in a few different sections. So I landed in section number one, section number two and section number three. And by gently making slightly longer pitching action, slightly longer bump-and-run actions I can get good control of my distance control ready to take out on the golf course. Now to be completely honest with you three shots there into three relatively big stages is not the toughest this game could get for you. I'd start off with these obviously you get a bit of confidence.

So from the fringe of the green take three steps, put the cane down, three more another one, three more another one, three more another one. Now depending on how big your green is and how confident you are with this you could keep going back if you like. And if you don't have canes, just use golf clubs. Just take out your long irons and a club and a club and a club and then hit towards those. Now as you get more confident with this, you could start to bring those canes down and get them a little bit closer potentially just a yard apart. But when you stand back here and look at a yard apart they look quite tight together. I'll be honest with you. They look a little bit close to each other, but if you're good at chipping the ball the right distance control you're landing them consistently a yard apart, a yard apart, a yard part. You then take that principle in your chipping and your pitching out on to the golf course you're going to have very, very good distance control.

And we know that bumping and running the ball from this part of the green, the line of the shot is pretty easy. You never really going to miss the ball 10 yards left 10 yards right. But the distance control is the thing that makes the difference in good and poor players. So accuracy in your distance control is the primary factor when you're bumping and running and that ladder game is a great way of improving your touch and feel from around the side of the green.