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Video Transcript

This game is called Nearest to the Yardage and it’s a great game to play on the driving range and probably a part of people's games that they massively under practice and under develop. And what we've done here is we just turned it into a slightly competitive format, where we are going to try and hit a ball to an exact yardage and then get your opponent, your competitor, your mate on the driving range to try and hit the same shot, try and hit it to an exact yardage. Once you have done that, you see who wins, they score a point and then they pick another yard as you are trying to aim for.

So when I was strictly talking about hitting it to a flag, we are more talking about hitting it to a line in the flag. So we have got a single flag out there, we'll say, right, who can get it level with that flag, not who can get at it, but who can get it level with it. And the important point here is actually distance control and yardage on the golf course is as important if not more important than line. There is no point being bang on line and then being 20 yards big or 20 yards short. You better off be the right distance and a few yards either side. And often people mis-underestimate that. They think that hitting the ball offline is a big sin. But actually if you get it the right distance you get it pin high. You will find yourself pretty close. It’s almost an extension of putting, distance control and putting is more important than line and putting.

So when we are hitting different distances, I am going to say, well let’s try and hit it out there a 100 yards. So the first thing then is club selection, which club am I going to take and it doesn’t have to be the same as the guy I am going to play against. He might say, well I am going to hit hard sand wedge. You might take a pitching wedge 9-iron and just club down a little bit. Once we've picked that target out there, we are going to go for 100 yard line, remember it’s not at the flag, it’s level with a flag, smooth swing, try and get a really nice contact, it’s flying out there, it’s landed about five or six yards shy of the 100 yard marker. Then my competitor, my opponent here have a go, see how close he can get it, winner is the nearest one to the line to the yardage then we go to the next flag.

Now if you are using a distance measuring device, be the FlightScope or TrackMan or even just a handheld laser, you might actually be able to measure those shots and work out really accurately. But sometimes it’s going to be fairly easy to tell just by you and your mate standing on the range who can get it nearest to that line, who can get it nearest to that line. It’s a great game to help with your yardage control when you go out on the golf course and play, you’ve got a little competitive edge that you’ve been practicing, you’ve also been practicing hitting the right yardage with the right club. Fantastic game; and it’s a massively underdeveloped part of people's practice routines.