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Hitting all of the second shots that you would face in a novel round of golf during a practice session is a great way of engaging more with your practice. So rather than just coming down to the range and hitting 10 7-irons, then hitting 10 9-irons, then hitting 10 sand wedges, what it might be better to do is picture that you've played your normal golf course at home, you’ve hit a decent tee shot of each tee, what would you be left with into the green? So if the first hole is a 350-yard hole, you hit high but off the first tee, you might have 150 left in. So which club would you hit 150, pick a target, it’s about 150 yards away, take the right club, line up at it, couple of practice swings, go ahead and hit the required shot to the required flag. Then think about your success rate, would it be on the green, would it be left, right, long, short? Then imagine you go to the next hole.

Now if the next hole is only a par-3, let’s pretend that you haven’t hit the green on that par-3 but you need a little chip on. So you would imagine, I've just left it a bit short, I am going to stand here, I am just going to dink the ball forwards with a little pitch, yeah, I have just pitched the ball nicely on to the green. Next hole on the golf course might be a big par-5. So I've had a decent tee shot on a par-5, what would I hit next? It might be a hybrid club or a 3-wood. So I could then take my setup, take a couple of practice swings with the club, feel like nice and confident, picturing a big par-5 out there, picturing the flag in the distance and hit towards it. And then again just grade your success level. Am I on the fairway, am I left, am I right of the fairway?

So engaging with your practice there is much more important than just standing and pounding golf balls, particularly as you go through those long winter months if you live in a place where you are not playing golf in the golf course all year around, you got this time of the year where you are off the golf course. This is a great way of just practicing better, but also keeping the golf course fresh in your mind, so that when you go back out on to the golf course in the spring time, hopefully it feels like you have played the golf course more recently than a good few months ago and you engage with the golf course more and you think well, in practice I like this shot I am pretty good at this shot, I hit the fairway most times with this shot. So practice the second shot around your golf course.