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Video Transcript

Okay, so this game is called Twisted Match Play, one-on-one, person-on-person, normal match play rules apply apart from on the tee, one of you decides which club you both have to hit off the tee. So on the first tee, toss a coin, the person that wins that decides which club you are going to have to tee off with. Now if you are a favorite to use the driver, but your mate is not very good with the driver, you are probably going to pick driver. You are going to make him hit the shot he is not comfortable with. Whereas on the next hole, if he is a real big hitter and hits his irons brilliantly and you struggle with your irons, he is probably going to make you choose to hit your irons.

So it’s a great way again of taking you out of your comfort zone and making sure that you are using clubs that you are not just in a routine of using the same shot the same club each time. It really gets the competitive juices flowing and it helps you just have a little bit more of an interesting battle on the golf course rather than just playing the same old standard match play. So toss a coin on the first hole, decide who is going to – well, whoever wins that coin toss picks out the first club, that's what we are going to both use, you both got to hit the first ball with that and then after that you can use any club you like from then on. The winner of the hole goes to the next tee and then they pick the next club that you are going to tee off with and again you both have to tee off with the same club.

So throughout the whole round, you might feel whatever time I get the option, I am going to hit driver, because that's my favorite and every time he gets the options he is going to choose 5-iron because that’s his favorite. But it takes you out of your comfort zone, it gives you a little bit of a different format to play and it’s a great way of playing match play rather than getting too bored out on the golf course.