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Video Transcript

The 10% At A Time Golf Game is a great way of understanding how power is built up into your swing and potentially where faults might occur. So what I’ve got here is I got my driver, got the ball teed up nice and high, and you're going to start off with a round about 50% powered swing, so anything less than 50% you probably won’t feel like you are really swinging the club hardly at all. So we are going to start off 50%, proper setup, proper grip and everything. And now we are not talking about changing the length of the swing here, the length would still be full length, so it’s not a half swing. It’s the full swing, but then more and less power. So to start with, I am going to go 50% of this, so it’s a full back swing, 50% power on the way through creates around about 50% of my distance. That ball has just gone over a 100 yards, 120, 130 something of that just about 50% of my overall distance.

I am then going to try and add a bit more power, 10% at a time. Now if you are struggling on the 50% maybe do that a few times, three or four of those, just for the time that we got to there, now we are going to increase my power a little bit more to 60%. So still my same full backswing, come through a little bit quicker, about 60% and there I add a bit of distance. Now the good part about this game is that it really gives you a great opportunity to feel what you have to do to generate more power, which parts of your body you should use. So we are feeling like this a faster hip rotation, a faster shoulder rotation, a faster hands coming through. What we are not necessarily feeling is that we get to the top when you smash the golf ball from the top, that's the wrong way of generating any power.

Then as we build the power up, 70, 80, 90 backup to a 100%, you might feel that at some point along that power curve something goes wrong, maybe you all have it at the slice your pace or you start topping the ball or something like that. At that point, you need to understand okay what happened then, what happened to 80% started these faults coming back in. And then practice around that power zone, so with the 80% the slice starts happening, go back down to 70%, get it right at 70%, build it up to 80, see if you go wrong again, back to 70, get it right again at 70, back to 80 and eventually be able to break down the fault, the habit that goes wrong that causes the slice and hopefully be able to push your power levels back up to keep the ball in play, keep the ball straight at 90 or 100%. So if I build it up gradually, hopefully I can get to a 100% and still keep the ball nicely in play.