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Now golfers may have heard of a Texas Scramble. Texas Scramble is where as a team you all drive off, you pick the best drive, you will walk to that ball and then you will hit it again from there and repeat the exercise until the ball goes in the hole. And normally in the Texas Scramble the scores are very, very low because you are always picking your best shot every time. But my suggestion here is a great practice game for a golfer, going out practicing on his own or going out as a two-ball, Play Worst Ball Texas Scramble but not as a team, play your own ball. So on every tee you have to hit the ball twice. So two drives down the fairway, work out which is the worst ball, go and take your other ball to that one and play two balls from there again. Work out which is your worst second shot, go to that, play again on to the green, worst ball, worst ball.

Cracking game, isn’t it? Entirely frustrating particularly when you have hit a cracking first shot, then it doesn’t count for anything unless you follow it up with a good second shot. So the pressure just builds and builds and builds. So first hole, 300 yard tee shot right down in the middle, doesn’t count for anything unless you can repeat it. Second ball, get a bit nervous, ropy slice into the trees, the first ball doesn’t count, I have got to go and play my second ball. Hit a lovely chip shot out of the trees back on to the fairway, doesn’t count, so I got to repeat it again. Really good when you get to the green as well this game because you chip the ball nice and close, I have got to repeat it. 10-foot putt reading from a par, roll it up, first one goes in. I've got to take another ball as well, don’t forget. If that one misses, the first ball doesn’t count and my second ball goes in. So very, very difficult to get a good score at this game.

Some people find it frustrating, lot of people would just think one hole at this and I am going to give the game up completely. But if he get good at this game, it’s fantastic because it builds the pressure. What we like to see here is that once we’ve hit one shot, be it good or bad, if it’s a good first shot, you then tap into the repeat button. So you just setup again, you think just go through exactly that routine and repeat the same exercise try and knock it down the fairway twice. If your first shot is a bad one, little bit of pressure is relieved on the second shot as long as that make it worse. So on the second shot you can think, okay, first ball sliced off into the trees, I am now going to be able to hit this ball better now, but understand what did I do wrong and how can I improve it for my second shot. So my first ball was a slice, maybe my path was wrong, maybe my face was in the wrong position, how can I improve that in the second ball and hopefully the second ball is better. So it’s like having a second serve sometimes in tennis, you can improve.

But the Worst Ball Texas idea it builds a lot of pressure. It makes you focus on repeatable golf swings. It helps you understand if you hit a bad shot, how to correct it and you can get quite competitive with your mate as well because you are playing together and he is saying, no I want you to play that one because that one is in the bunker rather than that one it’s on the grass. He can go quite nasty as well, you know, I am going to make you play that one because that one is in the trees. But it's fantastic game, it’s much, much more fun I think than the single normal sort of Texas Scramble game where you are playing as a team. Play two-ball Texas on your own and make sure it’s worst ball. Next time you go on the golf course you will feel so easy just to play one ball each time.