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Video Transcript

So this golf practice game is called Perfect Positions. And what this works on is the idea that if you've got a position in your golf swing that you are struggling with and you are trying to improve maybe it’s the takeaway position or the top of the back swing position, we are going to try and groove that new position and groove that change into your golf swing by just setting up and then swinging five times trying to pinpoint the same position each time. Hopefully, that then reinforces the muscle memory that when you actually do the swing at full speed, you will get into that correct position.

So one of the positions I am quite keen on for a lot of golfers is that we take the club away on a nice straight line back towards – effectively back towards the camera, back towards that target line. So what I am going to do here is setting up and now where the camera is it would be ideal if that was a mirror, unless you've got somebody to hold the camera for you or an iPhone that you can check back on. If you are just using mirror, that works out quite well as well.

We take our setup, get nice and comfortable with good posture and then we turn back, and then check. And then back down again, turn back and check. What we are looking for here is exactly the same position in that mirror five times in a row. And the position I am looking for particularly is that when we are looking down the line here, the club had to sit on top of my hands, the shaft points down the target line, the club face angle should be around about spine angle, just slightly more vertical than spine angle. And then if I can just achieve that position really consistently in five times, taking into the same place, it shows that my muscle memory is really learning the correct motion.

So during my swing, I will be able to go through that position and carry on with the rest of my swing and hopefully pinpoint that position. And it will have to be that position that you judge, it might be your address position, you might get yourself setup, look in the mirror, check that it was in the same place each time. It might be the top of the back swing, you might feel that you have gone over swing and you swing too far around and you are looking to try and shorten your swing, so your coach might have given you a set position you want to get to, you look in the mirror and you check that you have got that same position each time. So any of those little positions that you will try and improve on in your golf swing, that's a great exercise to do that.

So it’s going to be called the Position Game. We are going to check it five times, looking in the mirror each time, the nearer you can get to those positions the better. And repeat that on a fairly regular basis throughout your practice session. Don’t just pound balls, but occasionally just go back to checking those positions and that should help you ingrain a more consistent golf swing.