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Video Transcript

This game is called How High Can You Go. So we are going to try and hit the golf ball as high as we possibly can. But quite importantly, I want you to try and hit this less than 100 yards because you might find how high can I go, well, hit 5-iron of a tee peg and leather it up into the air or even hit 3-wood as high as I can go. But I want you to try and hit the ball as high as you can and then get it to land shorter than a 100 yards. And be competitive against somebody out on the driving range as well. So take a mate to the range and see who can hit the highest shot and get it to come down as quickly as possible.

Now the benefit for this shot out in the golf course quite a few times, you might actually have to hit one high and short whether we are just lobbing it over a bunker on to a green or hitting a ball over some water and trying to get the ball to stop and spin on the green because certainly this ball will high when we will stop quickly or even just trees. You know it might be a patch of trees that you need to lob the ball over the top of and get it to come down fairly quickly.

So we consider things like club selection, which club will go as high as it possibly can but not too far. We could consider ball position, we could consider weight position and also hand action. So if I was trying to hit the ball as high as possible and really get it up into the sky, I will take my lob wedge, lofted club. I will take it towards the front of my stance and I will have my body weight slightly back, my hands slightly back so I have got bags and bags of loft. But then I really need to hit this hard, there is no point you are setting a normal little flop shot that just curves the ball up because it won’t go far enough, they will just well bunker far and bunker high enough either. I want to take a real full swing on this. Imagine you got a big patch of trees in front of me, I am going to try and lob it over the trees and stop before a 100 yards.

So some big old swing, it’s very high in the air coming down now. So it took a long time to come down only flew 75 yards, but it went so high. So my setup, my ball position, my hand position added loft. I then pass the mantle on to my opponent, you have a go, see who is going to hit higher and then repeat the exercise. And maybe you can learn from each other watching about club selection, ball position, hand action, see how they are creating height, see how you are creating height. And again it gets your competitive juices flowing when you are on the driving range, so hopefully when you go on the golf course if you get faced with one of these awkward tricky high shots, you have practiced it, you’ve worked out the best way for you to play it and you can execute it on the golf course with more success.