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So here is a question for you then how can you find the best golf putters for your game? Well I’m going answer this and then I’m going to also going to ask you if you ever find the perfect putter for your game please tell me because I’m still looking. There are so many things that go into finding the perfect putter and there is no real hard and fast answer of how you can find it. There is an element of things that you could consider and then the biggest thing is trial and error and personal preference.

So the things you could consider one the first thing is the type of stroke that you have and the type of misses that you have when you take your putts. If you are missing two long, too short, too far left, too far right we could maybe make an adjustment to the weight and the face of the putter to help you with that. We could also make a difference to the length of the putter depending on the size of the person, we could make a difference to the thickness of the grip depending on the type of hand position they have whether they have got big hands or small hands, whether they like the feel of the putter or not. Then we’ve got to consider the different head design whether we go for a bladed putt or mallet design putter.

We could consider that a belly putter works for a lot of people because it reduces hand action and hand flicking but then again belly putters are going to become illegal 2016 you are not going to be use them anymore. Same for the anchored sort of chest putter that’s Adam Scott is using. So all of these different criteria need to be bringing into the mix maybe even the type of greens that you play and if you play on fast greens you might want to light a putter with an insert. If you play a very slow wintery greens you maybe need heavier putter without an insert.

So the consideration now is you know these are all my putters these are all stuff that I have collected over the years and had in the garage and dug out for today. I don’t use all this in one go clearly but I change between different putters maybe different times a year depending on how my strokes is feeling. You see some top players they might have the same putter for 30 years well that’s great for them because they don’t have the confusion of changing all these different putters.

But a lot of golfers will change putters maybe once or even twice a season as their comfort level with the putter changes, their confidence level changes they hold a few good putts that’s the putter for me I’m going never going to change it. Next week they miss a few that’s putter is out of the bag and a new one is gone in. So it’s very difficult to exactly define which putter you should play with and how you should really keep it in your bag. One thing I would suggest is don’t be afraid of trial and error walk through the pro-shop pick up all the different putters try them all out on the putting green. Personal preference will kick in at some point and you will say that’s the one for me that’s feels really nice, that’s feels lovely.

The other consideration you get fitted for a putter we all spend time getting custom fitted for our driver’s, custom fitted for our irons which is great and we should keep doing that. But getting custom fitted for a putter can be quite important we can consider changing the length, the lie angle, the weight and the grip thickness. And that will have a big variation on how it feels in your hands. So an answer to how to find the perfect putter I’m still looking if you find one before me then let me know. But don’t be afraid of trial and error to come up with the best golf putters, try out different putters and then get it custom fitted.