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I think a lot of people consider that the perfect follow through and a finish is not actually that important, it’s the posy bit that goes at the end. But actually a good follow through and a good finish is really a thing that ties together everything that went before it within the golf swing. So we have got ourselves a nice set up for this fairway wood, nice warm piece takeaway, big wide backswing, good drive towards the left side; solid impact. Or we could ruin all at the finish by falling off balance or not holding our finish position, because the club would start to track into the wrong place if it knows it’s going to fall over backwards or forward and you lose all your consistency. So a good follow through for a fairway wood, is going to be one that’s wide and tall and balanced. So I’m fully through to my front leg, my rear leg is right upon to the tip toe. So I haven’t left any weight leaning back here and try and scoop the three wood up, everything has gone forwards, fully onto my front side, hips and chest turns to face down the target, nice big finish with the club back behind my head. And I can hold that finish all the time until the ball is in the air, until it actually lands. If I can hold that finish in a consistent basis all the way until the ball lands, it looks like it takes quite a long time, that ball is still climbing now it drops; now it finishes and lands. But because I was able to hold that follow through, my body likes to ingrain that pattern that I start in this position every time and I finish in this position every time, therefore the route between A to C will always pass through point B which should be the same every time. So your follow through is not just the pose you showed a bit at the end, it’s a thing that ties up all those -- all the components, all those other loose ends and brings it through to really nice balanced, relaxed full finish.