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So now, I'm going to talk to you about a trophy position and the trophy position, I call it the trophy position because there's a little fellow that sits on top of the golf trophy and he holds this position. He's only a small fellow and he's made a silver and after you've taken lessons from myself and you've got your Thomas golf clubs, you'll win a golf trophy and that fellow who stood on the top, holds the trophy position and I will need to try and copy him.

So every time you set up to the golf ball, you're thinking about how can I get from here to my trophy position and when you get to that trophy position, hold the trophy position, enjoy it, wait until the golf ball lands now then you can move. Now that might have looked like I was posing and holding that position for quite a long time and you see the tall players doing that as well. They're holding that position the whole time until the ball lands.

The point being is that if I start off in the same position every time and I finish my swing in the same position every time and it's balanced, I'll be more consistent with everything that happens between the start and the finish. What I wouldn't want to do is hit one shot and then fall over this way and hit the next shot and fall over forwards.

So, every time you set up to the ball, think that's a good setup, how do I get to my trophy position? You'll turn through your balance, you'll stand there all the time the ball is in the air until it comes down then you can make sure you're balanced. Focus on holding a balanced trophy position for better golf shot next time you play.