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Video Transcript

Now, good balance, dynamic movement through the golf ball is that really post balanced finish that you see on the tour player holding on the TV. Now, if you’re struggling to get to that position and you feel yourself leaning back a little bit after you’ve hit the golf ball, too much body weight on the toes of the right foot of the rear leg here. There’s a chance that you’re not shifting your body weight enough during your down swing. And a really good way to encourage you to try and sway your body weight quicker and faster and not hit the ball heavy, would be taking a walk after the golf ball once you’ve hit it. So, we make a swing and we hit and we bring the real leg forward by one pace, taking everything onto the front foot. So, it’s not quite the perfect balanced finishes yet. It’s a slight over exaggeration of that, but it’s a really good way of practicing. So, whether short or mid-eye and nice little smooth swing, clip the ball away and take the step after it. And it tells me that my body weight has gone fully forward towards my front leg. Now, if I can just tone that down slightly and make my swing, I nearly step after it but I just hold enough body weight through my right tip toe that I stay back and balance. But I’m nearly going into the golf ball, nearly following through the walking step. So I make my swing right up to a big finish and hold it just here. But if you’re struggling with that finish position, that post balanced finish position, practice the walk through exercise. Do five or six of those then try a normal shot, five or six more walk through, then a normal shot. And hopefully, the walking through exercise will feed in to your normal swing and you’ll get away from the leaning back fat shot you might have been struggling with, much more encouragement maybe with a little bit more power to get a good strike, more distance and a more balanced post finish position for you.