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Video Transcript

So, if you want to test your follow through motion and make sure your follow through motion is as good as it can possibly be, here’s three great drills to help you understand how to improve that follow through position. The first swing doesn’t actually involve a golf ball. What it does involve is actually making a swing in reverse. So, if you keep making the same swing forwards, forwards, forwards every time it’s difficult for your body to understand how to change that swing because it’s so ingrained at doing it already.

But, if we make a swing in reverse, so we take you from this position, would you feel how balanced you are here and then reverse that down in exactly the way you’d want to make a proper golf shot all the way back to the top and back to the ball. We then know how we should get to that follow through position again. Your body starts to learn how to reverse that position, so, from here all the way back down to impact, and then back to the start position. By reversing the swing your body then knows where it should finish, then when you make your normal swing hopefully it feels better to get to that nice balanced follow through position. Now it’s two exercises you’re going to involve hitting some shots. This first exercise is an exercise where you’re going to play a normal swing, but then right to the end of that normal swing, you’re going to make a little drop and stand up motion in your knees just to see whether your balanced quite nicely.

So, make our normal swing here, and then a little bend of the stand up. What you’ll often find is if you’re slightly off balance and you bend and you stand up you will fall over, it’s just a little way of almost trying to knock you off balance. And if you haven’t achieved good balance, when you do your little bend and stand up you will fall off balance. So, good set up, normal swing, hold the balance, yep nothing’s going to knock me over there, I’m solid, I’m stable, I’m not tilting over. Last exercise, quite a fun one this one, you’re going to hit the ball as hard as you possibly can, you’re not going to hold anything back here, we’re not to going to worry too much about where the golf ball actually finishes up, we’re just going to make sure that we’re doing it within a balanced position.

But actually if your golf swing is well balanced at 100% power, when you hit your normal shots which are probably going to be 95% power you should have really good balance. So, we’re going to set up here normal shot but absolutely full power as hard as we can. And I can hold my balance still; I’m not toppling forwards or backwards as I do that. That was definitely harder than I would have done trying to hit a six iron but I was able to stay balanced not falling over. Test your golf swing with those three exercises and see whether you’ve nailed your balance and your follow through.