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Video Transcript

So you should find yourself now in a position where you’re comfortable at turning the golf club up to the top into a nice full swing position and you should find that you’ve coiled up and you’ve created some power. The follow through is all about releasing that power. Releasing your power around on to your front leg, creating a lot of club head speed to hit the golf ball as far as possible. But in most sporting actions, it’s not simply a case of hitting the ball and then stopping. There should be some form of follow through, whether you’re serving at tennis, or whether you’re bowling a ball and following through, there needs to be some form of follow through to release the power, same in golf.

So we set ourselves up. We swing up to the top of the back swing and we stop and this is the full swing. Now we turn the hips, turn the body, stretch the arms and actually feel that we’re now lifting one leg up into the air, lifting your rear foot up on to its tip-toe and standing looking down the target line. The hips, the chest and the head are all looking down the target. My front leg is supporting me, and my rear leg has very little weight on it because I’ve released my body weight and released my power through to a nice big finish. So we’ll look what that looks like, all at full speed, I set up, I turn back and I release. And I can hold my balance in my finish until that golf ball comes down and that’s the correct follow through position for you.