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Once you’ve got a 3-Wood and you got it to the top of the back swing in the right position, and you have the right setup. The next move is all about bringing the club down to the golf ball correctly. So we've got our setup nice and wide one piece takeaway, and turn to the top. The biggest mistake I see people make with 3-Wood from this position is they try and help the ball up into the air.

They end up leaning back onto their rear leg scooping their Fairway Wood trying to hit it high up into the air. Doesn’t need to happen. Your Fairway Wood should have enough loft on it, and enough weight low and deep at the bottom of the club, to help that ball up in the air on its own. If the lie is any good and you've got the right club for the job. Your job is really just to deliver the golf club to the back of the golf ball to the under the equator of the golf ball and it pops up in the air on its own. There's no need to lean back and scoop.

So from the top of the good position in -- with the Fairway Wood swing here, shifting into the front side turning the body, and feeling like at impact you’ve got a good degree of weight over that front leg. The rear leg starts to push into the ground driving you forwards and up and through to a balanced follow through position. So from that top position avoid any feeling of leaning back. Drive the body weight forward and turn through into a good impact position. That’s the key to making a really good successful down swing with a Fairway Wood.