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Video Transcript

Three last little tips that are really going to help you get this good balanced follow through position right. And one starts with the transition phase. So the transition is from the set up position we go to the top of the back swing. The transition happens there as you move from back swing to down swing. Now, if you don’t initiate a good weight shift back towards your left-hand side the feeling is your back swing never stops happening and you end up just falling back over this way as you make your swing. So, we want to have nice back swing, good solid transition, a nice bump with the hips to the left, a big turn of the hips to the left at the same time, get the body weight shifting back towards your left side that will encourage your round to a nice big finish position.

Once you started to get through to that follow through position now let’s check where those hands are going to finish. We’d like the hands to finish up by the side of the head. Don’t have to get too specific with this position because actually the momentum of the golf club and your physical flexibility will pretty much set where the club should go to. But we want to fully commit to the follow through and have them here as opposed to stopping and having the hands too short this way.

Now depending on your flexibility you look at somebody like Mcllroy or if round behind his head and pointing the golf club back down the opposite direction it’s not essential for you do that, but as far around with both hands as you can get is a great way of feeling like the hands are wrapped around the body to fully commit to the follow through. And one last little thing which probably won’t affect many golfers on the course but can affect them in practice is golf shoes. So an awful of people who go to drive, wedge and hit balls off the mast but they don’t put their golf shoes on. Sometimes street shoes, slippy shoes, trainers that are too soft.

So a lot of golfers as they turn through the golf ball this left side almost gives way and it rolls over a little bit and the body weight goes to the little toe of the outside of the foot, or even the foot skids on the surface. So, a little tip there for you, try and wear your golf shoes to the practice range. Practice as you would play; you would play in your golf shoes practice in your shoes. You should find you get a bit more stability on your front foot, also your rear foot is more inclined to roll onto the tip toe because the golf shoe is laterally quite stable rather than it slipping to here and the toe part collapsing in a street shoe. So, practice in your golf shoes. Do all those little check points for your follow through, so your follow through is better, your swing’s better and you’ll hit the ball better.