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Video Transcript

So, if we understand that a good follow through should be all the body weight turning through to the left side of maintaining balance, but then need to look at the common mistakes that happen for a lot of golfers. The first mistake is going to be leaning back too much. So, we start here find an address position where the body weight is 50/50. The back swing moves the body weight to the right side, but quite importantly it shouldn’t stay there. The body weight should from here drive into the left side and turn through onto the left leg for the right-handed golfer and the right leg should pretty much have no body weight on it after we’ve hit the golf ball at all, just 2 or 3% of your body weight and you tip toe for balance. We do see a lot of golfers that when they get to the top really make a very fast body action down into the golf ball, driving down very quickly, throwing the body weight and the head back and leaving too much body weight on the right leg, which ultimately lacks power but it also encourages you to hit the ground before the golf ball which is a bit of a concern.

So, we want to make sure the body weight from the top drive to the left, and then when it’s on the left maintain the balance on that left side, making sure that we don’t topple over to the left but also to the toe side of the heel side. We quite often see golfers that after they hit the golf ball they’re really struggling to hold their balance. So, I’ll hit this one, and then fall over it. Now the problem with that is even though that shot might have gone quite well I don’t know whether I’ll be to do that consistently every single time. And there’s a real fear that I might have actually fallen off balance before impact and therefore potentially if I’m falling that way shank the golf ball. I’m moving forward, I push the heel forwards, I shank it.

Likewise if my body weight comes back onto the heels I pull in I tow it. Leaning back, hit effect, leaning forwards too much coming over the top, I could come over the top of the ball and I could thin it. So, two key elements to make sure you’re not falling into mistakes with your follow through position. Don’t be leaning back, we need to make sure we go in forwards and make sure when you do go forwards you go into a balanced position rather than stumbling and falling over straight after you’ve hit the golf ball. So, get forwards, get balanced and that will improve your follow through and your game.