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Video Transcript

If we’ve really delivered the best address position that we can and this really athletic position with the right distance away from the ball and everything else, it’s now really important that we focus on a good clean follow through. So, we’ve got a good back swing and then we turn through to a full follow through position. You’ve probably an underrated and under focused part of people’s games they presume that once the make contact with a golf ball and the ball is gone there’s nothing there left to do really and they kind of collapse into a follow through. But, actually a good follow through with good balance will give the body the concept that the start position is the same every time and the follow through position is the same every time therefore getting a bit more continuity, a bit more consistency in the action. So, from a good address position we want the follow through to be here in the follow through position.

The right foot is going to be up, the right heel is up onto the tip toe, we’re going to have a lot of body weight there from the left side. We’re also going to have the hips turning to face the target, so the hips face the target, the right heel up into the air for nice balance and I might learn to fall over and move in this position. In fact it’s quite crucial to me that I’m going to hold that position all the time the golf ball is in the air until the golf ball lands. So, I take my master address position, good solid posture, nothing athletic, turn through nicely, right heel lifting, hips turning through, hold the balance, wait until the ball lands, and you can see that I’m not trying to wobble or fall over, able to hold that position the whole time the golf ball is in the air. If you can go ahead and work on your follow through position the belt buckle, the right heel on the good balance, I think that will help improve the consistency of your golf shots.