Video Series

Video Transcript

So if we’re understanding how important this follow through position is now it’s quite important also that you can check your own follow through. You can almost test your own follow through. So, for most people if we swing through the golf ball correctly and you can actively hold that follow through position all the time the ball is in the air until the ball lands, I would suggest therefore you have a good follow through. You don’t have particular issues with body weight control or bad balance. But, if you do feel every time you hit a ball you’re struggling to hold your balance and you’re falling one way or another way, how can you check that?

The first thing I’d like you do it is film yourself and we’re going to use two angles. We’re going to use this angle from the camera that we’ve got here which we class as down the line, we’re also going to take that angle which would look like this the front on angle. Now you don’t have to do those on the same swing, just use one video camera, set it at where, take three swings then sets to there, take three swings. From this angle what we’re looking for predominantly is the balance between the toes and the heels to make sure you’re nicely balanced on the centre of your feet and you’re not going to fall over too much.

So, you’d be looking for the heel and hip position to make sure that’s nicely balanced to the top and the hips aren’t moving to far forwards which ultimately throws the body weight forwards, well likewise the hips aren’t sitting back which then means you fall backwards. And then looking from the front on camera what we look to see here is that the body weight moves nice and evenly during the swing. We’re going to see it move very slightly to the right in the back swing, moving back towards the left in the follow through as we turn through but quite clearly not going beyond the little toe.

If my body weight starts to go beyond the little toe here I then start to topple forwards. So, if you’ve got the ability to draw lines on the screen and look for things like that on one of these design programs, you could look at how that left side turns to a balanced position but doesn’t become overly balanced and falling over. And I think if you can utilize the video cameras to check that your balance is okay, your follow through will improve and the consistency of your swing will improve. So, down the line, face on, a couple of good swings on camera, that will help see whether you’ve got good balance, good control of your follow through movement.