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Video Transcript

So as the golf swing exercise to help you improve your quality of swing without even holding a club. As I setup to the golf ball here, I'm just going to use my hands to come down to the start position. We're going to think purely about where my bodyweight goes to, so nothing about where the club is, but just purely about my bodyweight.

As I setup to the ball, I need to really feel between your feet. I need to feel where your bodyweight is. It should be 50-50, but should be left and right, but also forwards and backwards. Everything is just right centered and right balanced. Now, as you turn away in your back swing you should feel your front shoulder turning in towards your rear leg, and your bodyweight will come across with that, so it feel like the body weight starts to load up more to your rear leg. Now, its important that the bodyweight stays on the right part of your rear leg, would like it to stay more on the instep and less on the outside because if I turn across and I move to my outside a lot of my body weight will go to my little toe and that's more unbalanced, more difficult to push against, so I'm going to turn my front shoulder across.

My body weight will move across, but I'll feel that coiling up, and building on the instep of my rear leg, so I'm turning my upper body, bodyweight drives into here, and I'm quite balanced still, but I'm across on my right side for the right handed golfer. From here as I start my downswing my hips are going to drive back across to initiate the downswing phase that starts to unweight my rear foot. It starts to outweight my front foot so I push across into my front side. What a dynamic? What a fast motion?

Then I start to turn my front hip out of the way which I'll actually take the bodyweight around the front of that left foot and eventually into the heel, so I'll push across turn through and eventually stand up with a lot of body weight on the left heel. Now it's important I don’t get it too far out to the outstep of the heel. The front foot will start to lift and it will spin across and that's quite a bad fall for a lot of golfers where they feel like they can't hold the follow through position because actually the front foot is spun away and then they fall over sometimes causing lack of balance and bad shots.

So I want to get my goods quality setup again. I turn my shoulders. I press on the inside of my rear leg. I bought my hips across. I turn back across, and I'm balanced in the finish and in the finish 99% bodyweight through my left leg, nothing really at all on my rear leg. It's quite important that you don’t mistake that for a follow through position. That isn’t follow through. There's too much bodyweight on the ball of that of foot. Yes the heel is up in the air, but I could lean on that, and stand on that, that's a problem. I'll not right foot to be fully on to the tip toe. There's no bodyweights on there. Everything is forwards. Everything is up and everything is been committed to hitting the shot rather than leaning back and wasting power, so to spend some time in front of the mirror without the golf club in your hands, just practicing your bodyweight movement.

Next time you get to the golf course to the driving range with the club in your hands, it will feel so much better and so much more balanced and so much powerful as well.