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Video Transcript

Unless you’re lost on the internet and you should have been looking for something different, the chances are you’ve found your way to this golf video because you want to improve at golf. So here are my four key tips to help you improve.

They first thing is make sure you get the right equipment and make sure it’s custom fit for you. So find a brand of golf clubs, something like the Thomas golf brand would be great, because they custom-fit every part of their equipment. They can give you measurement, they can give you the stats, they can talk about the ball that you hit and the fly that you hit. And then custom make a set of golf clubs for you. And that’s a real fundamental part of improving at golf. If you’re using the wrong equipment, the game can get very difficult for you.

They next tip I would always encourage you to do, is focus on your short game. You have an awful lot of short game shots, so hitting the ball from inside 100 yards can form a massive part of the golf that you have to play out on the golf course. So don’t overuse the long clubs too much. So when you’re out on the practice ground focus a lot on short-game chipping, pitching, putting.

And related to that would be my next tip, that don’t over use or practice the driver. You only actually use the driver on the golf course, maybe on an 18 hole course, [discount the par threes] you’re probably only going to use that driver 14 times. And there could be a lot of other reasons why you don’t need to hit a driver. Maybe the hole is a bit short or narrower and three wood or long hybrid club would surprise. So don’t go to the driving range I see a lot of people do, 100 balls driver and they just stand there bashing and bashing and bashing and possibly ingraining bad habits or making their swing worse. Spend a little bit more time focused on your short game by all means, turn 20% of your golf balls with the driver but certainly not more than that.

And the last tip, is get some good advice about your technique in your golf swing. So be that from a local PGA professional or this online series of golf tips, try and spend some time looking at your fundamentals, looking at the good bits and bad bits in your game and find a way to help you improve. It you’ve researched the golf swing and you’re not quite sure where you’re going wrong or what you’re doing, a quick trip down to your local PGA professional will certainly set you on the right track. Then at least when you go to the driving range and practice, you know you’re practicing the right things to help you improve.