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So once you've built this perfect setup for the Fairway Wood shot. It's now really important we take the club back in the right position. So here's a couple of key checkpoints that I think are going to help you have a better back swing for Fairway Wood shots. One of the first considerations we've got to have with this Fairway Wood, is we want to keep the smoothness, the rhythm, and the width in the golf swing.

So as we take the club away, focus on the strong left shoulder or the strong front shoulder should I say. The strong front arm and the long shaft all working away in unison. That’s what we'd class as a one piece takeaway. So you hear a lot of guys on the TV talking about a one piece takeaway. It's this left shoulder dominating pushing everything back for a nice one piece takeaway.

We don't want to get too aggressive with this and snatch it up into the air and pick the hands and the arms up too much. Nice big shoulder turn, there's a one piece takeaway. Now bring in that club really nicely up to the top. Again focus on width and not length. There's a difference between the two. Width is this left arm pushing wide and straight. Length is collapsing and getting the club too far around this way.

This way might feel powerful. It isn't. You'll lose control. You'll lose a certain degree of power as well. Keep the one piece takeaway. Take it to a nice wide top of the backswing position, and then pull it down from there. Focus on swinging the Fairway Wood slower, lower in the takeaway, and wider to the top. And I think those checkpoints would be great for improving your Fairway Woods.