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Video Transcript

So how can I cure this restricted follow through? So what is a restricted follow through? A restricted follow through is how it sounds, is when you restrict the natural finish, so if I go through and is restricted, so it would be that kind of cut off in his prime basically. And the chances are if you get this restricted follow through, the hips aren’t doing anything, they are not working for you. So restricted follow through is something that basically is half of – half a job. You’ve gone through half the follow through, it is position. If you want to go here; you can see my hips really haven’t done anything. So, let’s just show you with the hips, let’s talk about getting this restricted follow through sorted out.

If I said to you, when you touch the club back and set up this ball, my knees are facing forward in the direction you would expect. My right knee here and my left knee here, as I swing the club back I want you to focus on the left knee turning to where my clubface is, so if I take the club back and set it right, move your left knee, you can see that my left knee is facing just behind the ball. And surprise, surprise can you see what’s happening with mu hips? They’ve turned through 45? which is where they should be. So this is just another easy sort of way of actually saying rather than turn your hips, just focus on the left knee, so if I go back turn the left knee behind the ball, my hips turn naturally. And as we bring the club back down, I want you to focus then on actually going through and this time I want you to bring this right knee forward. So you are going to use your knees like a piston.

So let’s have a practice swing, so when I go back left knee behind the ball, there we go, and as I hit the ball right knee through, look at the follow through. So let’s now put that on the practice on the ball. Here we go, it sets up, so from here to my left knee behind the ball, turn, look at the difference this time and you’re going to say, well look at the follow through its much, much longer this time because when I was demonstrating, I was doing it in slow motion, when I’m on the ball I’m actually swinging that club at normal club head speed. Now for most senior golfers about 70 miles per hour, so much in hitting the brakes at 70 miles per hour, the momentum will carry you forward. So at 70 miles per hour having got yourself and your left knee going back and your hips turning, and as you come through, the momentum will actually carry you through to a much higher position and the end product is my foots come off the floor which means my weight is now transferred, and by belt is facing to the target so very, very simple technique.

So from here, left knee allow the hips to go, this starts the motion up, that has the first domino effects and from here as you go through you should find the weight naturally coming through and all of a sudden you kiss goodbye to that restricted follow through. Simple isn’t it?