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If you're watching golfers on the TV, they often tell the type of shot they were hitting or the type of finish position they hold so if you see a golfer wrapped right the way round himself and holding this sort of position almost like golf clubs pointing back down at the target line, guaranteed he was hitting that ball flatter or hard, possibly a tee shot for anything where we've really, really found that's for maximum power. But if you see a golfer holding the golf club often to a shorter position here where the golf club is still slightly out in front of the body, even though the body turned through full power, the hands and the arms have held off a little bit and that's a great way of adding more control to your mid to short irons. So your iron shots where you don’t necessarily need maximum power but you want to a little bit more control, a little bit more accuracy, you can use a slightly more held off finish position. As a normal setup position, still turning to the chest fully through the ball but holding off the finish, we’re not holding off the bottom half, however. I wouldn’t advocate stopping here with half a shoulder rotation, half a foot rotation. The body still turns through but my hands are held off. You might be able to knock just half of clubs with the distance and gain a little bit more control. So if I just knock a ball out here and there with a little three-quarter swing and three-quarter held off finish, I feel I’ve got much more control over the accuracy and how far that golf ball goes.