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Video Transcript

If you have still noticed a tendency to pull the golf ball which would be for the right-handed golfer, the left going left shot, not flying with too much curve but straight left going left, we want to actually focus a little bit more on the follow through and not to try and get the golf club up in a way on a good path. So generally a pull shot is going to be caused by a path that is coming leftwards of the target line, left and often quite a flat rounded finish, it might be quite a nice thought for yourself to think about getting the club upward a little bit more in the finish, a higher finish, that would almost encourage the club to come more from behind you on a flatter down swing plane, then swinging more out to the right of target and a big high finish. So you could practice this with a mirror where the camera is here, so looking into a mirror or obviously you are not going to hit the golf ball here but I am going to try and swing the club up and out, so the club comes out in front of my head when I look in the mirror, not behind my shoulder this way.

If I am swinging leftwards its too flat, if I am swinging rightwards, its up and over my head a little bit more and it should feel like I can get up to a nice high balanced finish rather than being pulled off with a low flat finish. So it’s a good setup, bring the club a little bit more down from behind you and then out to a nice big high finish in front of you, when you go on to the golf course, try that same thing on the practice ground or on the golf course swinging out to a high balanced finish, rather than the lower round your body which would have dragged the ball down the left hand side, focus on a high finish to reduce the pull shots.