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Interesting the challenge in golf is that we don't get the same shots over and over again. Quite often the golf course is asking us to do different things, different shots, long shots, short shots, high shots, low shots. And therefore our swing needs to be adaptable. So to the greatest extent the extension we have through the golf ball this way is a pretty key fundamental in most if not all of your full speed shots. But there are times and places where that full extension doesn't necessarily need to stay such a key thought in your mind. And particularly when you are punching the bull and chipping and pitching the golf ball. Actually having your arms a bit softer through impact or even bent through impact might be quite crucial.

So a full six sign that I've got here is going to look like this full extension. But a little punch shot that I hit through the ball, the ball a bit further back, my hands are a little bit lower down the grip. My little punch shot might just be a little bit softer here with my left elbow into the side of my body. Now I stress this isn't coming upwards this way and getting this big chicken wing here. It's just turned around my body. My body is hitting the ball more rather than the hands and arms moving away too much. And particularly if you were pitching or chipping the ball, maybe even bunker shots, softer shots from around the side of the green, we might see that the hands and arms just stay into the body a little bit more, the elbow stay at the side.

We're trying here to keep the clubface open and always decelerate the clubhead. We don't want the clubhead whipping over and releasing too much this way. We're just going to hold it off and hold the loft open. So on most of your full powered golf shot particularly all your drives, and all your full irons you really want to work well on that great extension. But just occasionally when you get around the side of the green you might see the best players in the world just holding their elbows into the body a little bit, holding the club face off a little bit. Those types of shots when you're around the green just don’t worry too much about the maximum extension. Accelerate through but let the hands and to stay into the body a little bit more on those little choke down punch shots and chip shots around the side of the green.