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Bounce angle is something that a lot of equipment manufacturers and also shops are getting a lot more savvy on now, so you're buying options all greatly increased when you're looking at purchasing new wedges. But the question that you’ve got to be asking is “What bounce angle is right for me?” Now there's a few general rules that you can apply but there is room for wiggle room as well. Now what we are going to talk about first of all is the type of divots you were taking. So, for example when you're hitting your wedge shots, if you're striking the ball first and then the turf and you're tearing up absolutely massive divots, then a higher bounce angle would be more beneficial. The more bounce angle that you have on the sole of the wedge; the more it will be guided up and out of the turf. However, the more bounce angle that you have on the club, the hard it is to play off very, very tight lies around the green. That's because the leading edge of the club is going to be sitting up much, much higher and when you putt that down on a very, very, very, very tight lie, it becomes much more difficult to hit the ball first and then the turf.

The opposite end of the spectrum, if you take very, very shallow divots, or you don’t take divots at all with your wedges but you strike them okay, then more than likely a nice small amount of balance angle on your wedge will suffice. This has the benefit of when you are around those tight lies, you can clip the ball away very, very nicely. The slight disadvantage this has is if it is in a slightly bad lie that you need to dig open out, you're going to have to really dig down and take a big, big divot to get down and into the turf and get the ball open out the problem lie. It also becomes little bit more of an issue with the bunker shot where you want to be entering the sand gliding the club underneath the ball and popping it out.

The more bounce angle that you have, the harder you can hit down into the sand. The shallow with the bounce angle, the more you have to be precise and sweep underneath. There are lots of options with bounce angles and there’s lots of angles in between the very high bounce and the very low bounce options. But that is a very general guide, if you are looking to buy some wedges and you want to know what bounce angle is going to be best for you.