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Video Transcript

What we’ll talk about in this step is the word bounce and what bounce actually means and how it can create a crisp pitch shot. When you take your typical sand wedge, you look at the loft of the club be it 54, 58, 60 and so on. But there is also a small number on the back of the club and that refers to the degrees of bounce. And what that means is this; this is the leading edge of the sand wedge. And when we put it down flat of my hands, there is no degree of bounce. If you let the club sit naturally, you can see the leading edge is actually of my hands. And from that edge to my hand, that’s the degrees of bounce. So we’re actually using the sort of canvas sole on the sand wedge to do the job for us.

Let me explain a bit further. When we try to play a nice crisp pitch, we’ll be floating the ball nice and high and then trying to stop the ball very quickly, we’ve got to rely on this bounce. If we put the club behind the ball and we put the hands forward, we’re now decreasing the bounce. And what that would lead to, is cutting the ground heavy or fat hitting divots as it digs in, the club digs into the ground. So what we want you to do, is to use the degrees of bounce in the correct manner.

So let’s explain the set up. Put the club down sat on the sole and straight away the degrees of bounce will be there naturally. Set yourself up with your hands on as usual and set your feet up with your left foot slightly back. By doing this, we create a slightly open set up. From here we want the hands in a quite neutral position. We don’t want you pushing your hands forward because that will destroy the bounce. Keep your hands almost central, and from here keep the waist 64 in your left hand side. And what will happen is the club delivers back to the ball, the bounce will hit the ground behind the ball and it will allow the club to go there and throw it up, so it will stop that possibility of digging into the ground, of decelerating, fluffing the shot.

So that’s what degrees of bounce is and it creates a crisp pitch shot. And I’ll just demonstrate keeping my hands quite central, not too far forward and from here. Keep the weight in the left side, back, and the degrees of bounces actually hits the sole – hits the ground and that will enable me to get a crisp pitch shot. Remember, the degrees of bounce encourage you to get a high flight and a soft landing. So hopefully you got to clearer mind on what bounce and how it actually helps a crisp pitch shot.