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Video Transcript

When you are looking to utilize bounce on any type of shot, but mostly with the wedges, the feeling that is associated with the shot is a relatively simple one. What you want to be able to use bounce angle to hit these crisp shots is to make sure that the club is coming down into the ball, striking the ball first, but then feeling like the leading edge is gliding along the ground and the bounce angle is bruising the turf after the ball.

Now a lot of people get slightly confused about this and get slightly concerned about this, because the feeling that this will give is almost like the wrists are breaking down at the point of impact. This doesn’t have to be the case, there’s something that you see with all the very best professional players when they are around the green and even of very, very tight lies, is they move the club through the ball, striking the ball first, but then they glance the turf as they come through. They use the bounce angle to guide the club up and through the ball.

Now the advantage to this is as the club is moving down through the ball, you get a descending angle of attack, you maintain the loft on the club head and this. But because players use the bounce angle to slide the club along the floor after the turf, they are stopping that big-digging in effect. They gain more control over the flight and the height of the shot.

So just to reiterate, getting into this position getting settled as normal and then as we move through, is both fast than turf, but we are using the bounce angle and gliding it along the ground after the ball. And if you do it successfully you will take a tiny, tiny bit of turf, but the ball will pop up and it will have a nice amount of back spin when it lands on the green.