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Now let's talk about bounce or bounce angles, it’s a term you might have come across normally in conjunction with loft we talk about loft and bounce angles. So bounce angle is the fact that the leading edge of the golf club is raised above the trailing edge of the golf club, now it’s particularly noticeable on your sand wedge, if you lay your sand wedge on a table and you have a look at it, you will notice that the leading edge is above the trailing edge and the angle of that is the bounce angle, well lots of sand wedge had about 14 degrees of bounce angle, now a 14 degree sand wedge that 14 degree bounce there is really good in deep soft fluffy sand, if you play at a golf course that has a bit thinner sand a little bit hard more compact sand maybe get a wedge with little bit less bounce angle, your sand wedge will have more bounce then all of the rest of your wedges and all rest of your irons. But all of your irons have a degree or two of bounce angle, without bounce angle the club works more like a razor blade and knife and just want to keep going downwards into the turf but we want a club that has a little bit of bounce angle on it, so it hits the turf or the sand and doesn’t keep digging down but actually wants to come down and open forwards, so if you are playing a soft fluffy bunker shots and the club is digging in and burying itself a bit too much and the bunker shot feels like comes out fat, consider taking a sand wedge that has more bounce angle.

If you feel that you are hitting bunker shots and the club actually bounces off the surface too much and – consider taking a club that has less bounce angle, but about eight to 10 degrees of bounce angle is essential at least that much for most bunker shots. If you are playing at tight you know really short grass little chip shots from the tight panelize actually using bounce angle is quite difficult to do, because that we discover to start with the bounce angle lift the leading edge off the floor so actually when you look at lob wedge, a lob wedge should probably have less bounce angle because we want that club to slice underneath the golf ball nicely. So just consider that the hard panel lob wedge and the big fluffy sand wedge need to do two very different jobs so the club manufacturers will help you out here and give you a different bounce angle for those two shots just make sure you got the right bounce angle and your wedges and your short game will improve.