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Video Transcript

There's two different bunker shots and I'm here playing the high low bunker game. Now both those bunker shots are finished in quite a good position. I'm quite happy with those. It gives me a great opportunity of getting up and down from this bunker. But if you look at the height those bunker shots came out and the way I played them they were very, very different. The first bunker shot quite a short backswing quite a low flying bunker shot landed on the down slope and just trickled out really nicely. And that's the sort of bunker shot you could play on the golf course you've got a lot of room to work with. And then the high bunker shot was a much bigger swing, much wristier through the ball, flew the ball really high in the air, land a lot further up the sort of bunker shot you would play if you got a lot less room to work with and it really put the spin on there as well and stopped pretty close to the flag.

So two very good bunker shots flying to the hole in two very different ways. We're playing the high low game and you can repeat that exercise over and over again in the bunker and it's a great way of getting a feel for a short low running bunker shots or a big high wristy, flicky bunker shot. And it's a great way of helping you vary your bunker technique. So you're learning not just to hit basic bunker shots, but to hit high bunker shots, low bunker shots, ones that have lots of room to work with and ones that don't have much room to work with. And if I'm completely honest with you, those are two pretty good shots, I'm happy with those.