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So, there’s an awful lot written and talked about what is the best putting grip. So we need to consider; what are the key benefits, the key features of a really good putting grip. Now, I’m not going to go into as much details of actually telling you exactly how you should grip it, because, my own personal putting grip is actually back to front; I grip it with my bottom hand below, and if I try that with most golfers they feel it’s really awkward, so they prefer the standard sort of front hand goes at the top, rear hand goes at the bottom, the traditional way of holding something.

Some people have the belly putter, some people have the broom handle. But the feature of all of these grips is its very consistent and it’s able to deliver the club on a stable path at consistent speed. And it doesn’t matter how you hold the putter as long as you can try that and deliver that. So what I would suggest you do is you take 10 balls maybe 10 or 12 feet past the hole and then go ahead and roll them down towards the hole, trying one particular type of grip. Have a look at where those putts finished, not just whether they all went in, but how consistent were they. Because if there’s one putt way short and one putt way long there’s probably a chance that that grip is not really suitable for you.

So if I set up here with my grip and I hit a putt and I dolly it and it doesn’t get to the hole enough, then I set up again and hit the same putt again but this time it goes past the hole, there’s a fair chance that that grip is not allowing me to deliver the club at a nice consistent speed over and over again. So once I’ve had 10 putts from that distance with one type of grip, I would then consider changing so maybe grip it slightly differently with a left below right this time and have 10 again there and see whether they’re more consistent.

Even if they’re not all in the hole, if they all finish short that’s fine; the club was doing a consistent thing, I just need to make the relevant adjustment because I’m not used to that grip. I might try a pen holder grip; I might even try the claw or the sore grip, belly putter, broom handle putter, something of that nature. Once I’m consistently holding the club in the fashion that I like and it feels comfortable and I can really roll the ball down there to the whole in a consistent fashion, controlling the line and the speed I know that I’ve got my grip in a good position.

The key attributes to a good putting grip generally going to feature around not using your wrist. So it’s a putting grip that allows you to be consistent and stable and not have too much flick. If you feel that whatever putting grip you’ve got very occasionally you go boof like a gun’s gone off in your hands, “Oh, wow, that’s gone too far. Well that’s gone too far left, too far right” that I would say is a poor putting grip for you to use. So when you got a good putting grip, your hands aren’t doing too much work, you’ll see that your results will become a lot more consistent; that’s the best putting grip for you, stick with that, practice with that and that will help you improve your putting.