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Video Transcript

Okay. Are you finding when you pull out your driver that the ball is going too low? Well if so, let’s check out a few reasons why it might be going low. The first thing is something that might you might just not even consider, are you teeing the ball too low? So here I got my driver out and I’ve got the ball teed up and you can see that that golf ball there in relation to the club face is tucked very, very low down. So that would be a cause for actually hitting that ball low. So, when you tee up a ball, we want you to make sure that you consider that it’s about one third of the ball above the top of the face and that way the weight is actually coming into the ball and you’re going to send that ball up in the air. Hitting the ball here, all you’re doing in fact is actually smothering the shot and forcing the ball back down. So first of all consider the height.

Also you might find yourself in a position where you think no the tee pegs high enough here but the ball is still going to go low. So there’s a possibility here that you might be swinging too steep and if you swing too steep, it basically means that you’re swinging the club up and down. And by swinging too steep, that could actually close the club face so what little loft you had to start with, standard driver turn to half degrees, you might end up coming in with a club face closer to seven or eight degrees and you can imagine that impact how easy would it be to hit a driver seven or eight degrees up in the air. It’s not very easy at all. So that’s just a few reasons why you might be hitting the ball low. And if you find yourself that you are hitting the ball low, what can we do? First of all let’s tee that ball up to the height we talked about, about a third above the top of the head. Just make sure that ball positioning is actually a little bit further forward towards the left foot because what that will do, it will encourage you to swing the club a little bit lower and slower because the ark is now much more shallow. If the ball had been in the middle of the stance which created that steep swing of course we go up and we go down. So first of all, tee the ball higher, lets get further behind the ball and by doing this, we’ve got much more width, much better weight transfers and from here we’ll come at a much more shallow angle and because that ball’s further forward, we’re going to hit that ball with whatever little loft you’ve got with the driver, just at the moment impact we’re going to hit through and we’re going to go up. And you can see from that sort of technique what you’re doing there is your actually sweeping the ball up so there you go.

There are some reasons for actually hitting the ball low and there’s some remedies to say okay if I’m hitting the ball low, lets try out tee it higher, pull the ball further forward and from that swing it back low and slow and that will keep the angle nicely shallow. If after doing that you still find yourself struggling, go and seek the advice of your PJ pro who can basically within minutes I can assure you say, that is what you’re doing, now this is what we need to put it right, it’s as simple as that. Try it out at the practice ground, hit a good about 50 balls working on those various things and if you struggle see that pro, and he’ll help you sort it out within five 10 minutes I can assure you.