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Video Transcript

Okay. So do we cure a Chili Dip? Well first of all let me explain what a Chili Dip Shot is. It’s a reference or like a slang word for hitting the ground behind the ball on a show game, like a chip of pitch. So let me explain how it will look. I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of this at some stage. You’re approaching the green, you’re trying to play a lovely shot, a lovely shot over a bunker landing softly, so what do you do? Sometimes you just end up leaning back trying to help that ball up in the air so you think and of course the more you lean back the more tendencies to actually come down and catch the ground behind, why? If I lean back my weight is now over here on my right side, what’s going to happen it’s going to make me move off the ball on the back swing and then from here quite often I’m not going to get back so I’m going to end up going to the ground and then catching the ball on the up. So can I either catch the ball and get a top or thin or can hit this big chunky sort of earth behind and that’s the Chili Dip. So that’s what one is and that’s what causes it, so how do we make sure that we don’t get soaked into a possible Chili Dip? Well, the first thing is, let’s get the set up slightly different. When we set up we need to put our ball slightly further back in the stands than what you might have had. I want your hands forward and this is very important, I don’t want the hands leveled, I want the hands forward.

Okay, by keeping the hands forward is going to help to keep the weight forward, because we want that weight position, 60:40, we want you to maintain that weight position; don’t move that weight back because it helps you. So keep it 60: 40 on that left hand side. Once we’re in this position here once you do keep your hands well forward, keep that weight on the left hand side, take the club back, I’m still on my left hand side, and even though I’m talking about weight for the shot I’ve got the ball nice and high, I’ve played that shot because my focus was simply keeping that weight on the left hand side and hitting down and through, so I actually got connection of the base of the ball. Hitting a little bit of grass behind the ball isn’t an issue as catching the ground behind the ball, because that’s a Chili Dip Shot.