How To Cure Feeling Vibration After Impacting. Best Golf Tip For Senior Golfers

    When any golfer, whether they are a complete beginner, a club golfer or a professional golfer hits their best golf shots, they will all say the same thing it feels easy and as the club head strikes the ball, it feels 'sweet' as though there is hardly any contact at all.

    However, when you hit your worst shots, they feel horrible as the connection between the club head and the ball was not in the correct place. You feel these shots all the way through the golf club and up into your hands and arms. You get this feeling, or vibration, whenever the ball is hit from the wrong area of the club face.

    The correct area to strike a golf ball from the club face is known as the 'sweet spot'. This is an area about the size of a small coin, in the centre of club face. Shots played from this area do not create any vibration, in fact there is very little feel experienced with the contact as the club head moves easily through the ball. However, as the connection between club face and ball moves away from this area, the greater the experience of vibration, or mis-hit. If the ball is struck from only just outside the sweet spot, there will only be a slight feeling of vibration. However, the further away the ball is struck from the sweet spot, the greater the feeling of vibration.

    If you experience a lot of vibration following your golf shots, this indicates that you are not hitting from the centre of the club face, but from the edge and there is nothing worse than on a cold day, when your hands are tingling with cold anyway, mis-hitting a golf shot that produces vibration which stings your hands!

    To help cure this try the following drill. Get yourself some face tape or impact tape. Place this on to the club face. Now as you play your golf shot, a mark will be left on the tape showing exactly where you struck the ball from. Remember you want to strike from the centre of the face where the 'sweet spot' is as this will give you no feeling of vibration, but also club face control and maximum distance. For every quarter of an inch you are away from the 'sweet spot', you will lose approximately 10% of maximum distance.

    If your strike is off centre towards the toe, this will also start to open the club face up at impact and if you are off centre towards the heel, this will start to close the club face. This is because of 'gear effect'. As the club face impacts with the ball, the area hitting the ball is slowed down due to the impact, but any area not in contact with the ball will not slow down and will continue to move at the same speed before the impact. Hitting off the toe, for example, will slow the toe of the club down, but not the heel, opening the club face up and making directional control a challenge.

    To improve your strike, distance and accuracy, work on striking from the centre of the club face. If your strike mark is towards the toe of the club when you look at the impact tape, think how you need to adjust on the next swing to get the strike mark closer to the centre - try standing further away from the ball initially.

    Work on centering your ball strike and the vibration that you experience after your shots will massively improve, until there is no vibration at all because you are hitting from the 'sweet spot'.