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Okay one of the subjects that comes up quite a lot when I'm teaching is swing speed, is it a fast swing speed, is that right for you? Remember with senior golfers, so somebody who is 18 years of age swinging fast well maybe that's right for them. They are more supple, they can bend their body, but as we get older we can't really get the suppleness. So is it right? Fast enough. Well, yes and no. So do you think what he's saying? Very simple. What's best for you?

Some people can get over the ball swing fast and maintain good balance. Some people can get over the ball swing slow and also gets a good golf shot so what really kind of creates a the sort of mindset of am I fast or am I slow or what are you like in life? Do you walk down the road fast? Do you kind of meander down the road? Well that's your – for someone whether you like your life do you talk quickly? Do you talk slowly? So what do you like? Why is the nature of your body, your mind, your – what do you do? You're a slow person, a fast person and kind of I would kind of say its sort of the golf course.

I know a lot of people who almost slow meandering get over the ball swing it almost in slow motion at least they do, I need to get more, a bit more club has speed here. And I say, no you don't. You're actually hitting the ball straight. You're hitting a good distance. But you got control so my advice would be that you kind of about what you do in life? What speed you actually do? What – are you fast, are you slow? There's no right or wrong to you. If you find yourself swinging the club too fast and you find the ball going all over the place then slow down. Remember you know, there's no point getting over the golf ball and swimming the club that fast. Nobody ever hit a golf ball in the back swing, did they? It’s all about hitting the ball on the down swing.

So if you wanted me to be firm and say right this is what I want you to do. I want you to concentrate on a very simple technique. If you exert energy then you will basically hear people kind of an impact. That was a tennis player or golf player, but with senior golfers and we're talking about swing what is right for us. Well, two factors here. The first thing is just imagine been over the golf ball and I said to you're home. So if you're humming at one pitch and then you exert energy that home would go umm-hmm. And you could tell you don't need somebody to tell you that exerted energy, but if you change that humming sound then all of a sudden you lose your balance then obviously your swing is too fast because remember its not all about how hard you hit the golf ball, its all about rhythm and its all about tempo of the golf swing.

So I'll give you an idea. I'm over the golf ball here and I'm going to work on the rhythm so from here tempo back, now that's a 7-iron and that goes about 165 yards. Did I fight myself at it? No. Did I keep my balance? Yes. So why don't we say go out there and let's find out if you're fast or you're slow going through the points a very, very simple, a very, very simple tip. It would be put your feet together. Set yourself up over the ball and swing. And if you swing and you go too fast believe me, you'll lose your balance. So go away and work with that simple drill feet together, it's pretty slow, swing fast, and if you maintain your balance we'll just go with it.