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Okay, we're going to talk about the wrist hinge and how important it is and give you a drill of how to actually know where your hands should be and how this should feel. But first of all, the importance, if you don't actually have these, these wrists hinging, going back, we will end up with a swing, where we are almost like this wooden or we can get the extreme, where we will just let you picking the club up and down so the hinge is very, very important and the wrist is where we incorporate the pushing away of the left shoulder and the left arm. And as we push it away, we hinge the left wrists, so we get to this position here and then we continue to swing the shoulders.

So if you look from behind, and I swing the club back with this left side and I push the club away with my shoulder and hinge, you can see the position where the club should be. So the importance of the wrist hinge is very, very important because that's what gives us leverage and it gives us to just to release the club through the ball, which gives us a lot more distance with less effort. So the wrist is very, very important indeed. But quite often, when I am out with the coaching people, they are saying I don't feel I'm not sure where I should be. So all right, when I am standing there and I am coaching them, I am taking them back and I put them into this position, so how could I actually find that position.

So here is a drill, if you basically think about the wrists, the wrists can either move one way or the other way or up and down. And if we set ourselves up over the ball and from here, I actually just to basically use your wrists, hinge the club up in this position. So the clubhead is just above the hands and say turn your shoulders, straight away, you're in the same position as well we were just a moment ago. So it's a very, very good drill to get the feeling of where the wrist would be and coming through. So here is the position and it's a very, very simple routine.

It's a simple, simple drill, and it's something that really, you just need to work on because all you got to do on a golf course is get that muscle memory done now, on the practice ground or at the driving range or with the PGA Pro. And then take it to the golf course, once you got the confidence to commit to yourself. So remember, the wrist break is very, very important, keeping your left arm straight because that's what gives us the release through there and gets the club through the ball. And to get that feel of where that club should be at the top, you stand here, a very simple drill, lift the club up here and you can see where the club should be. So a very, very simple drill, go out, I think you're going to have fun with this one and if you would struggle, go and see that PGA Pro, that's what he is there for.