Video Series

Video Transcript

Taking the golf club what we would call across the line is one of the more technical and one of the more destructive faults that you might have in your backswing. And it’s often a difficult thing for you to spot because across the lines section actually happens way up here over the top of your head and you can’t really see what’s going on. Sometimes even when you have a mirror behind you, let’s say there is a mirror placed where the camera is, it could look really nice in your practice swing and it could be into a good position, yet as soon there is a ball in front of you, you swing it, across the line and you might not even be noticing this.

So the first thing is get a friend, somebody to video yourself or take photos of you, but ideally a video of where that club is going to and check that it’s not pointing across the line. Now where it should be pointing to is exactly down the target line. So this clip here should be pointing at the flag that I am aiming at square and parallel to where my toes are pointing as well. If it’s laid off or of it’s across the line then we need to do something about the positions you have early around in your backswing. So here is a great little tip if you are getting across the line at the top, I have a laid a club on the floor here and this is basically pointing out my target as well. So I would like to be able to swing my club back to hip level I would stop at the hip level and I would check and look at the shaft here needs to be parallel to my target line. Pointing much along the line at my feet and if the club heads pointing up towards the sky or slightly spine angle and that’s even better as well. The big movement with across the line it tends to be the fault is whipping the golf club inside too much, too much risk or too much forearm rotation in the takeaway, points to the club to the right here and that would then go up and over and reverse and points across the line. So it just be really careful, when you take the club back it’s online not inside, online should then lead to online and inside could lead quite drastically to over the top and that’s where you are going to get yourself bit stuck, generally people that swing inside over the top, inside blocks and hooks from that bad habit. So lets try and get yourself videoed from down the target line, make sure that you are not getting the golf club across the line and if you are, double check that your backswing has a little bit more online that hip level.