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So we know what getting stuck on the golf downswing means but how does it actually happen? Why do people see this in their downswing? A lot of the time it's for the idea and it’s because of the quest trying and get the club a little bit more inside on the way through. You'll often see people who used to hit a slice start to get stuck down on the inside because they go so far the other way. A lot of people will tell you if you are hitting a slice and it's sound advice for the main but you can’t go too far is if you’re moving the club out in this direction. The hands are moving away from the body, the club is crossing across the target line, and that's where a fade or a big slice from.

So what people have been told is that from the top of the swing really drop those hands down and get them as close to the body as they can. Now that’s sound advice if we're moving it into about this position here. However if the hands drop more than that and the club gets more flatter, that's where we have the big problem from. If it does drop down into that position it’s so hard to actually hit a shot, and it just causes that horrible right to left shape if you do manage to strike it OK. So that is what happens and that is how it happens is generally people are desperate to try and get the club down and from the inside and just move it too far.

And it's often a big problem because if you have come from a old swing where you used to slice it and you’ve gone too far the other way, to actually get that club in that slot in between is exceptionally difficult but it is doable. That is what is, that is how it happens and hopefully we can now fix the whole problem.