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Video Transcript

Now we need to have a look at how you can avoid getting stuck on the golf downswing. We already know that as you're moving into the point of impact, the hands are already low and the club is a long way behind. Now very simply to try and counteract that we need to get the feeling of the opposite. That the hands moving are moving left and that the club head is on the outside of the hands. You’ll often find it needs quite a big exaggeration to move the club from this position to get a lot straighter as you’re moving into the ball. However you what to be saying technically what you want to be saying is moving down into the ball especially this rear view kind of camera shows you very, very well.

Now the hands to be moving to the ball and the club shaft when the hands are leveled with the ball here the butt end of the club to be pointing parallel to where my feet. So parallel to the target line right on top of my foot line; from here all I need to do is rotate through, hit the ball first and then the turf. And I am just clicking the ball away it is a hybrid or a driver. So often you will need that big exaggeration to go from there to there you need to feel like you’re doing that.

You can also use a little bit of a simple drill. Getting self set up, off to the top of the swing moving it down into this point here, hands pointed at the ball. Club nice and parallel to my target line and then moving it back up slightly, and then driving through and hitting the shot. It feels slightly old to be posing halfway through a downswing. But if you can get a right, it can really give you the sensation of what it feels to get that club a little bit more back out in front of you. So it’s up, down, up, and moving you through. Like I said it is tricky to stop halfway through but it will really give you that sensation and what it feels to get that club back out in front of the body again. So give that a go and good luck.