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Video Transcript

If you want your feet to operate correctly throughout the golf swing, it is imperative that they are correct at setup. What you are doing with your feet when you place them by the side of the ball will have a great impact into what you are doing in the swing.

Now, a very simple way to know where your feet are right is to use a step drill or step setup. If I pop this club as I line this thing down here just in front of the ball, just to give you a bit of an idea of the ball position here as well with my, with my three odd. I am going to start with my feet together and then I am just going to take a tiny little step to the left hand side because I want the ball just to be inside my left heel when using this club, and I do that I am going to angle out my left foot as well, now you can see here that my left toe is splayed out by quite a way.

As I hear the shot I want my hips to be able to rotate and I want my weight to be able to transfer. If my left toe is in the inwards, toe the inwards the other way it does not allow me to turn successfully through the shot. That is why when you place your left foot; you need it splayed out into the left hand side. So starting from that position, that step in that splay and then with the right foot with this really what I want is just about outside shoulder width apart, and you will notice here how my right foot is more toed inwards. If you want to move out slightly that’s not the worst thing in the world because it will allow your right hip to rotate.

Generally speaking you want your right foot to be pointing little bit straighter than the left foot. That’s because you don’t want to over rotate on the way back. So your left foot is in that position and your right foot is in this position here and as you turn back you are on the weight transferring over to the right side and as you move through, because left side foot is splayed outwards you can shift the weight into the left side and really rotate those hips through with a lot more force. Just by placing your feet correctly at setup can have a huge influence and huge impact on what you are doing throughout your swing, it is an area of the setup which should not be ignored.