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Video Transcript

One of the most difficult aspects of golf is ensuring that the sequence of your swing is correct. There is also different moving parts within the body. There is also different things, which are going on. But if you understand the sequence of movements that should be taking place during the back swing, it makes it easy to break it down and it makes it easy to understand the feelings of what you should be doing.

Now, what we are going to do is look at the back swing. We are also going to look at the down swing and through swing and what you should be doing within your sequencing to make sure you hit successful golf shots. On the back swing, all you generally want to be seeing is a hands-led motion. Now, what that means is the hands of the first thing to start moving the club away.

As the hands move the club away, the arms will follow. When the arms follow, the shoulders will follow. When the shoulder follows, then the body starts to turn and then finally the hips start to rotate around a little bit more as well. So, when you are getting into your setup position, ball position is just forward of center. The hands move the club away. Then the arms start to follow. The shoulders are rotating. The core of the body is turning as well until we reach the top of the back swing where we are fully rotated.

If you can break those movements down, if you can take them one by one, and get the sensation of what is happening during that back swing, your sequencing will become much, much better.
It’s amazing how simple the golf swing can be when you start to break it down into its components. These are movements that you make in practically most sports where you hit a shot.

Maybe you think about baseball, it’s the same movement. The bat is moving, the arms are moving, the core is turning. Same in tennis, we are rotating back, we are getting the hinge. It’s the same type of movements that you see in all sports. But with golf, like most physical movement, the brain starts to shut down and think it’s too complicated. Get that back swing sequence correct and then you can start moving on to the other sequences within the swing as well.