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So let us now have a really detailed look at how this right arm is going to work during the back swing phase of the golf swing. So I'm going to set up from a good position down the line here initially for you and you'll see that the setup position of the right arm has a very small flex on it, the right arm isn’t locked out which often lifts the right shoulder up too much. I see some golfers trying to get their shoulders level by sort of straightening the right hand and the right shoulder up. The shoulder should be level, the shoulder should be slightly tilted that setup because the right hand is lower on the grip than the left and therefore the right elbow can have a little bend in it. Then as we make a back swing there shouldn’t really be any active working of the right hand, the club here moves back in a straight line, but the right hand isn’t specifically bending or breaking or moving, everything just turns away with one solid piece and the right hand is quite passive. Then as the left hand starts to hinge and we start to cock the wrist into a good position, the right hand will just start to fold and bend and it will turn to the top. The right hand really should stay quite close to the body, quite tight to the body.

So the right hand and arm creates width in the first motion but no real bending with that right hand now, then it starts to load and hinge and get into a good position at the top of the back swing with a nice bend of the right arm. Then it can stay into the side of the body in the down swing before it releases through the ball. A couple of mistakes I would see with the right arm is being too active with the right wrist and the takeaway, well the golfer's right-handed golfer. Anyway trying and life the club with the right hand, they want to do too much work with the right hand during the swing picking the golf club up and that's not necessarily what we want to do. We want to take it away wide, one piece turn to the top, so the right hand is passive in the first motion; loading in the second motion. If you can work your right hand into a better back swing position, sets the club into a good position, ready for your better down swing.