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Video Transcript

So flexing the right arm in the set up position is only part of quite a complex set of motions that we’ve got to get right in the address position to ensure that we can unswing the golf club back correctly. So let’s just run through some real key set up points and see how this flex right arm fits into that little set up routine. First thing we’ve got our target line picked out in the distance, it’s one of those red flags down there, I’ve got the club face pointing at the red flag, I’ve got my body aligning just left of the red flag effectively two and a half, three feet left of the red flag parallel left, my feet nice and wide.

Then in this position I’ve got my head up and my eyes down. So I don’t have my head down and my eyes up but I’ve got my head up and my eyes down. That straightens up my spine angle, gives me a really good line of posture and my hips pushed out, then we look down at the knees, I’ve got a nice flex knee position. Knees are definitely not locked but also not bent just nicely flexed in a good position ready to load off lots and lots of power.

Then in that position I’m going to make sure that my right arm has that little bit of flex in it, so I’m nice and comfortable here a little bit of flex in my right arm, now I can go through swing back with my right arm. Now it’s going to be easier for me to make a good committed back swing if my grip pressure isn’t too tight. If I feel it when I’m setting up to the golf ball, I’m squeezing that golf club too tightly, I’ll probably feel at that point that my right arm starts to get too straight both arms create too much tension and lock out and that’s going to be no good.

So right arm sits nice and flexed, left arm nice and straight, that’s going to be the best position to make our best swing from. One other nice factor from the golf swing certainly from the set up side of things is we want to be nice and committed, so during the swing we want plenty of commitment. So I’ve nicely lined up, everything is comfortable, happy here and then from this position I can be nice and committed and allow my right arm to flex in the back swing.