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There are many fantastic drills that you can use if you are given the club stuck behind you on the downswing. But this is a very obvious one and a very visual one that you can use. It does require a little bit of trust and would be advisable to get a firm covering for this if you are a little bit uncomfortable, and if you are dropping it miles on the inside and behind you. How this all works is you get yourself set up and you pop an alignment stick in the ground about a grip length from the middle of the rifle to just a slight angle like this so it’s matching a bit more of a play. On the back swing there shouldn’t be anything too much to worry about but if you move the club very much along the inside as you come down and the club drops in behind you, you would run the risk of contacting this alignment stick.

So what you want to do is get yourself set up swing to the top and then feel like that club is moving out and away from the alignment stick as you move through the ball. You can also do this as a bit of a double diversion, so I pop one outside your rifle, pop one outside your left foot and that's a very good swing plane train. swing plane training drill. And for this particular purpose this is all about stopping that club from dropping along the inside and getting stuck behind you.

So that set up, pretty much opposite the middle of that right foot, ball positioned just forward and center with this hybrid, moving up to the top and then feeling like the club is nowhere near that alignment stick as I come through it. It really allows me to get the feeling that I’m moving the club out and away and getting it more in front of me on the downswing. And as that club gets more in front of me, I’m able to deliver the path much straight through the back of the ball. So if you are trailing again still behind you use this drill, I’d say use the if you are a little bit uncomfortable to begin with but it will help get the sensation of getting the club more out in front of you on the downswing.